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Sunday, November 28, 2004


The Goal

the fire is ignited,
like a predator pouncing,
like a lover excited.

with passion and power,
it wiggles and weaves,
along the crisp, white powder.

leather on leather,
invading like a feather.

by Chris Couto

I don't know if this poem qualifies as a simple poem. When I thought of simple things that provoke emotion, that's what I came up with. The poem is specifically about a certain player that I like watching on Sunday mornings. My Sunday mornings are, you could say almost dedicated to watching this player. Its a simple act that completes and starts my weeks. If for some reason this routine is altered my day and week sometimes don't feel right.
People are defined by simple things. Certain simple gestures define a person, simple gestures content a person, simple words move a person, and simple behaviour facilitates life. Even in something as complicated as the business words many times the solutions or ideas are simple. For example I was once taught that an airline company was saved from bankruptcy by simply removing two olives from every first class dinner plate.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Guest Lecturer

I really enjoyed Dr. Sharp's lecture last week. In Particular what I took away from the lecture was that he attempts to understand the reason for the Iliad, and the time at which it was written. It's one thing to simply read it and then criticize it in its favor or not but like he said this literature is what we get our current literature form. Right away he makes a distinction about battle that i had not recognized, that there are two types - military, and spiritual. I had never thought of the search of identity as a spiritual battle. In fact, maybe they can even be intertwined, battle in the name of religion.
He also asked a question that demanded my thought throughout the whole subway ride home that day, what would it be like to live in a time where someone else has everything i don't have and can't get (knowledge). Essentially that was the time of the Iliad. The poet or story teller was sacred as they held the resposibility of passing knowledge.
Dr. Sharp brought everything to very simple terms. He stated that humans will never understand two things, what could they be I thought? Life and Death. How true. We seek to understand and know as much as possible but life and death itself in its purest sense will continue to be mysterious forever. Both these topics coincidentally are quite popular in literature throughout time. I also found it creative that he used us today as an aid in understanding the Iliad. He asked us what qualities arise when something we believe is ours is taken from us. Single-mindedness!!!! Today is the same, there are constant little battles amongst us constantly due to our emotions. Speaking of emotions he also touche on "hubris," the quality of excessive pride that is usually responsible for the downfall of the character or state. Again too much pride, even today can easily cloud decisions and lead to enormous mistakes. I realize now that the Iliad has meaning not historucally but also today for me. People then could learn something from the Iliad and I, today can learn form the Iliad. I think that thought alone gives me more motivation to read it and will most likely provide for more enjoyment.